The ability to differentiate being triggered and being threatened is key to trauma treatment. We have to know we are safe now in order to effectively process how unsafe it was then.

My temperament and work style has been fine-tuned after years of clinical practice. I can be of service to you in your post-trauma healing journey through one on one offerings and group engagements.

My therapeutic philosophy leans on the embodied-expressive-experiential processes. I recognise the complex interplay (in)-between our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realms. Unfortunately mental health symptoms eg. depressed mood, generalised anxiety, panic or sleep disturbances are pathologically ‘treated’ as a stand-alone entity. My expertise lies in considering these ‘presentation(s) as a creative adaptation of our psycho-neuro-biological intelligence. My work ethic is instilled in the belief that our adaptive response(s) make sense. The therapeutic spaces co-created [be it for individual(s) or group(s)] evokes playful curiosity and an experimental attitude. The focus during session(s) is to be awe-inspired by your super-power(s) of attunement, creativity, resourcefulness and integration. I permit my spontaneity to be included as an active ingredient for adults, teens and children alike.

A few recently agreed therapeutic goal(s) listed here can provide you a sense of where we could begin collaborating -


  • To strengthen emotional regulation and somatic resourcing to navigate waves of anxiety and unsettle.
  • To explore creative risk-taking through expressive and somatic exploration(s).
  • To strengthen embodied intelligence and somatic attunement.
  • To befriend imagination for memory processing and integration.
  • To bring attention to body cues, impulses and procedural memory.
  • To access increased choice(s) especially when heightened/triggered.
  • Reframing trusting relationships with myself and another due to previous toxic experience(s).
  • To safely express pain, abandonment, loss and grief.
  • To attend to self-forgiveness, shame & guilt emerging from past experience(s).
  • To shift within from surviving to thriving.
  • To make peace with the impact of abandonment of the past on my present life.
  • To bolster my self-concept dented due to my traumatic past.

If you are curious to explore if I and the expressive modality is a good fit for you, book time now.

We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.