Over the last 15 months, I have had an interesting experience with Jaya. Therapy with her involves extremely engaging sessions and a safe/respectful environment to unpack any emotions that emerge. The intuitive and intelligent perspective I gain from Jaya helps me process things differently. There is also an element of curiosity and a gentle pace that she utilizes that is of paramount importance to me. [TR, Individual therapy]

Jaya is an incredible, intuitive therapist who has a natural gift for developing your inner strength and power. I started my journey with Jaya afraid, insecure and even sceptical on how exactly art therapy would help me through the significant loss from becoming a victim survivor of family violence.

After my sessions with Jaya, I will never look back. Not only were the sessions fun and helpful, Jaya’s therapy provided me with resources, which are things I could use in every day life, to manage my grief, stress and anxiety. The resources I use every day, and are not your cliché ‘meditate for five minutes in the morning.’ These are actual activities based on art and expression, which have turned into a habit for me.

I credit these resources with saving my life in the darkest times, when I felt that all I had left was myself. I have seen many counsellors and psychologists in my lifetime and although it is useful to talk it out with a professional, no one has been able to bring out the inner strength that Jaya did for me. When I say Jaya has a natural gift, I encourage you to see for yourself what that means, because I can guarantee the experience will change your life.[TM, Individual Therapy]

The art gathering space allows for exploration and knowing of ourselves. Jaya guided each session, with the use of different modalities, in a warm, kind and connected manner that allowed the group to have self development as an individual as well as share safely within the group. Each session guided me to learn something about myself and connect me to emotions that I may not have realised was beneath the layers of getting on with day to day life. For that I thank Jaya’s careful and creative guidance and exploration through different art modalities each session. [RR, Group Participant]

Exploring techniques to centre myself, learning to hold my more ‘undesirable’ qualities with tenderness and discovering ways in which I can express has been wonderful. I feel seen and guided at a pace that my mind and body can work with and I really apreciate the fact that Jayas therapy methods are trauma informed.[ LP, Individual Therapy]

I find working with Jaya a true gift and pleasure. Her skills and qualities are perfect for a therapeutic relationship. She is kind, wise and provides undeniable insight. [CM, Individual therapy]

Thank you so much being there , giving me the comfort , a space , an opportunity for allowing me in understanding me a bit more.Different avenues of awareness opened for me . In your program the experience i felt,the awareness about myself,felt safe to be vulnerable, be myself and how you held us as a individual and the group I will always have with me always.. thank you so much. [T, Group Participant]

Working with Jaya has been life changing! Somatic work was the modality that I didn’t know I needed to make progress in my trauma healing. Sitting in my body and learning how to regulate has been a gift that I will never be greateful enough for! [A, Embodied Attunement]