Jaya has intelligent ways to look at situation’s and they blow my mind. She promotes self exploration and provides interesting insights that result in some solid thinking for me. Therapy is about discovery, finding your resilience, acceptance, tools to manage intense emotions, and change an individuals ability to view their life journey. Working with Jaya has helped me with all of this. She has the ability to answer your question without actually giving you an answer and guiding you towards information you already have. It is the presence I feel and support that makes me resilient and trust this process. I enjoy the discussions and thinking/wondering, intuitive based interactions we go with.

Art therapy with Jaya is a space to feel safe, connected and open to exploring what you are feeling and experiencing. The warmth and techniques used, allows you to unwind and truely connect to yourself and what you need. Entering into the art space with Jaya has provided me a sense of knowing myself more deeply and facilitated strength, hope, happiness and connection in who I am and what I do as a living.

Jaya creates safe space for clients to explore their inner world and tune into their body and mind. This space fosters self-compassion, reflection and growth. Jaya allows you to bring your worries, thoughts and feelings into a sacred space where you can freely express and process them. Jaya has a warmth and kindness that instantly enables you to feel held, seen and known. This in turn allows participants to trust themselves freely and share with vulnerability. I could not recommend Jaya enough. She has helped me heal and learn to love and trust myself. Her work is invaluable and her heart and passion shine through in every word she speaks.

I am deeply fortunate to have experienced Jaya’s session work and anyone who has been able to do so is nurtured with connection and kindness and acceptance. Art therapy with Jaya has nothing to do with having great artistic skill. It was a place where I felt I could express myself in a variety of ways that deepened my understanding of self and allowed me to learn new ways of expressing myself and connecting with others. I would encourage any and all people to try it.

Thank you for introducing the friend in me. I got tired of living with the enemy day in and out .During these reflection sessions, I have come to know of desires that I wouldn’t acknowledge otherwise and also fears that I wouldn’t otherwise admit, and hence remain stuck. The guided creative explorations gently nudged me to feel safe and love me, explore me. From sleeping with my enemy, I am now beginning to sip tea with my best friend.

Thank you so much being there , giving me the comfort , a space , an opportunity for allowing me in understanding me a bit more.Different avenues of awareness opened for me . In your program the experience i felt,the awareness about myself,felt safe to be vulnerable, be myself and how you held us as a individual and the group I will always have with me always.. thank you so much.

The workshop landed in my lap just when I needed it, helping me grapple with uncertainty, exploring what was unsettling with the holding and witnessing of a group of women. Jayas powerful yet gentle presence in the group offered a lot of flexibility for exploration and generosity and kindness during times of vulnerability