Therapeutic Groups

We develop in and through relationships. Each new relationship experience presents another opportunity to move, sense and feel in deeper, more creative, and more fulfilling ways.

What is a Therapeutic Group ?

Therapeutic Group(s) offer an exquisite canvas for connections, insights and capability building. Belonging to a group is a precious experience in witnessing and being witnessed. Group dynamics ‘tenderlymirror our inner landscapes and patterns of relating to another in the outer world. A group transforms to become a ‘sheltered refuge’ to feel safe, seen, acknowledged and nurtured.

Over time the sacred collective becomes an incubator for validating strengths, creative risk-taking and practising new ways of being. The most significant benefit of group membership is alleviating isolation and social/cultural alienation. “I am alone” or “this is a shared experience” becomes the significant voice of interconnection.

As the group solidifies, the inter-personal connection grows, and the individual feels fostered.

Typically a closed group has 5-7 humans journeying unhurriedly together. As a group leader, I focus on creating a climate of ‘choice’ and ‘experimentation’. Each ‘being’ in turn honours their preference to deep dive or float on the surface, affirming their curiosity and interest.


What you can expect from me as a group leader ?

  • Deftly traverse expressive art therapy, Psychodrama, somatic practices and process work to contain relational safety and trust
  • Offer warm, attentive, spacious creative processes.
  • Create an experiential, depth-oriented and integrated experience.

Training and experience as a group leader.

  • Rigorous and ongoing extensive training and supervision in group therapy including process work and Psychodrama.
  • 15+ years of experience in leading multiple in-depth multi-cultural layered group intervention(s). These have included unstructured intensives, semi-structured personal growth intervention(s) [eg. growth labs, self-awareness workshops, relating to self/other etc], leadership & diversity and post traumatic growth.
  • Currently leading ongoing group(s) for humans who experience homelessness, oppression, marginalisation and adversity.


  • Sliding scale 40-60 AUD per session [90 minutes-Online] [Self-paying individual].

Expression of interest [With NO waiting time]

  • In person for leading creative play, pyschodrama and movement oriented group(s) for school aged students, teens or young adults from CALD/ BIPOC background(s) seeking culturally safe space(s) to nurture strengths [Fees on enquiry].
  • In person for leading somatically anchored generative expressive art(s) group(s) for adults seeking post traumatic growth, resilence and enhance self-esteem. [Fees on enquiry].

Next steps

  • Record your interest in the upcoming open group beginning May 2022.
  • Book time to discuss groups for your Agency/ organization/school in 2022.
  • Constitute a group with like-minded peers, colleagues or friends on the theme of your choice.

Healing is an ongoing, organic process, not a single “big bang” moment.