Therapeutic Groups

“We develop in and through relationships. Each new relationship experience presents another opportunity to move, sense and feel in deeper, more creative, and more fulfilling ways.” - Fogel

What is Group therapy ?

Therapeutic Groups offer us a beautiful canvas to gain new connections, insights and outlook. Group membership teaches us to be a witness and be witnessed. Typically a closed group has 5-7 members who unhurriedly journey together and - deep-dive on a chosen theme of curiocity and interest.

What you can expect from me as a group leader ?

  • Criss cross between expressive art therapy, Psychodrama and T groups (process work).
  • Offer safe, gentle, attentive, spacious and reflective process.
  • Create an experiential, depth oriented and creative experience.

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  • 40-60 AUD [90 minutes-Online per participant]
  • Sliding scale.
  • Ask for in-person rates.

Next steps

Poetic expression of being in a group

Knitting threads that meet
Separateness that merges
Connection within

Groups - 2021 & 2020


Creative reflective gathering for practionners

Weekly expressive arts therapy for vulnerable young adults - Homelessness service.

rISE - Expressive art therapy for victim survivors - Specialist Family violence service.

Relationship Lab

Breaking the glass ceiling - A diversity initiative

Delving deeper

Be-friending me

Self-care for practitioners

Creatively contemplating

Sense play express

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Creative reflective gathering for helping professionals

Creative reflective gathering for helping professionals Top | Back

Delving deeper

Deepening self Top | Back

Befriending me

Be-friending me Top | Back

Self-care for practitioners

Self-care for practitioners Top | Back

Creatively contemplating

Creatively contemplating Top | Back