Embodied attunement

We can get past the slipperiness of words by engaging the self-observing, body-based self system, which speaks through sensations, tone of voice and body tensions. Being able to perceive visceral sensations is the very foundation of emotional awareness.

Disconnected from the body ?


Our breath longs to feel (in sync with) the body. The wounding, fragmentation and angst caused by life experiences and their impact on the body are undeniable. A few common coping mechanisms of living ‘neck up’ include emotionally distancing, bypassing the body and overfocussing on thinking/task orientation. Over time, this way of being human causes overwhelm, depleting energy, relational isolation and repetitive patterns of stuckness.

Embodied attunement is a unique offering blending somatic philosophy & movement foundation. This service is for individuals keen to inhabit their body and improve their emotional & mental wellbeing. My body awareness framework has been fine-tuned after years of practice and reflection. It follows a non-therapeutic, intuitive, collaborative approach to trusting our embodied processes and organicity. This service is best suited for those who have existing support from mental health practitioners or psychologists; however, it excludes the BODY.

Embodied attunement is focussed on bolstering our innate body intelligence into daily living including -

  • Interoception (inner sensations from inside the body).
  • Exteroception (impact of external stimuli).
  • Neuroception (threat/safety perception).
  • Proprioception (ability to sense space/gravity through movements).

Embodied Attunement (1-1) Fees

  • 90 AUD [30 minutes-Online] I am currently inviting new clients with zero waitlist for 2023.

    Be strong then, and enter into your own body; there you have a solid place for your feet.

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