Embodied Trauma Healing

“We can get past the slipperiness of words by engaging the self-observing, body-based self system, which speaks through sensations, tone of voice and body tensions. Being able to perceive visceral sensations is the very foundation of emotional awareness.” ― Bessel A. van der Kolk

Aftermath of Trauma

The wounding, fragmentation and complexity caused by trauma & adversity is undeniable. Traumatized humans spend days (and nights) to keep emotionally afloat and regulated. Overwhelm, panic attacks, nightmare, fear/shame/guilt, depleting energy, social anxiety, chronic pain impact the overall quality of life. With each breath, they long to feel (in sync with) the body, thoughts, emotions and spirit.

Embodied Trauma Healing - Framework

I am committed to bring the time tested wisdom from expressive modalities and somatic therapies to co-create a non-pathological pathway to integrated healing from trauma.

Embodied Trauma Healing - Focus areas

  • Choice making , creative risk taking, expressive and somatic integration.
  • Attunement to body cues, impulses, emotional capacity and inner guidance to find our way to light and wisdom

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Session Duration

30/60 minutes


  • 100-175 AUD [60 minutes-Online]
  • Sliding scale.
  • Ask for in-person rates.

Poetic Extract - Embodied knowing

What is not yet said
Adding interconnections
Many ways to know


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