Mental health for all

Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love. ... And so it is with human relationships: we can both create and destroy, nurture and terrorize, traumatize and heal each other.


My Commitment as psychotherapist

Individuals from BIPOC, Ethnic/ religious minority, CALD, LGBTQI+, Migrants, Asylum seekers & Refugees face insurmountable barriers to receiving quality mental health support. I advocate for children, teens, young adults and adults afflicted due to hardships, unfavourable life experience(s), disability and/or gender-related adversity.

I am committed to contributing a percentage of my time and clinical skills to support refugees/ asylum seekers with limited access to quality mental health. If YOU are interested in being waitlisted for this option or making a referral for someone you know, please fill up this short form to ascertain your suitability. To gift someone therapy session(s) - please email

Healing is not a science, but the intuitive art of wooing nature.