By appreciating ourselves just as we are, we develop an attitude of nonaggression towards our bodies and ourselves. We are at ease with ourselves.

Profound, sustainable change occurs in a trusting relational alliance and in a shared space between YOU & I.

Therapeutic work is a commitment. An attitude of curiosity to explicit & implicit processes cues our nervous system to ease and safety. My prayer as a therapist embodies my sensitivity and caring intentions.


The unique attributes that set me aside professionally are-

  • Creative modalities and somatic practices grounded in a culturally sensitive framework.
  • Focussed on the present moment experiencing [‘here & now’] for mind-body integration.
  • Attuned to a collaborative, non-judgemental, inclusive and playful therapeutic processes.
  • Nurturing relational attunement to reinforce safety, trust and congruence.
  • Anchoring in the spirit of de-colonisation & inclusion.

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A right centric way of attending opens us to relationships within the whole and to what is unfolding in each present moment, while a left centric viewpoint tunes us to fine details and to generalizing from specific to algorithm.