The core of the movement experience is the sensation of moving and being moved. There are many implications in putting it this way. Ideally, both are present in the same instant, and it literally may be an instant. It is a moment of total awareness, the coming together of what I am doing and what is happening to me. It cannot be anticipated, explained specifically, worked for, nor repeated exactly.

Therapeutic work is a long term commitment. Profound, sustainable change occurs in a trusting relational alliance and in a shared space between YOU & I. Attunement to explicit & implicit processes cues our nervous system to ease enveloped by safety. I hope YOU can sense my gentle trusting of your being by reading my prayer as a therapist.


Strengths me as a creative therapist ?

  • To intuit creative and somatic modalities practised from a culturally sensitive lens.
  • To attend to the present moment experience [‘here & now’] for somatic integration.
  • To remaincollaborative, non-judgemental and playful in inviting therapeutic processes.
  • To nurture relational attunement to reinforce safety, trust and thought-feeling-action congruence.
  • To evoke self-compassion and self-acceptance as a life force for change, growth and healing.
  • To anchor in the spirit of de-colonisation & inclusion.

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There is a natural order and harmony to this world, which we can discover. But we cannot just study that order scientifically or measure it mathematically. We have to feel it - in our bones, in our hearts, in our minds.