Fire can warm or consume,water can quench or drown,wind can caress or cut. And so it is with human relationshps; we can both create and destroy, nurture and terrorize, traumatize and heal each other.


The version of Expressive modalities (ExAT) I practice, combines expressive art(s) therapy, Psychodrama, process work & somatic therapies. I embrace the ‘low skill - high sensitivity’ approach with the focus NOT on achieving outcomes rather on the PROCESS of connecting with OUR imaginal field of POTENTIAL.

In a session(s) we experientially focus on refining our 5 SENSE perception and INTUITION as a gateway to our evolved faculties of Creative Imagination, Expressive movement, Vocalisation and Sensory-motor rhythms. The methodologies are evidence based and validated by neuroscience research on the pyscho-sensory-neuro-biological foundation(s) of mental & emotional well-being as well as scaffolded by the ancient cultural and communal healing practice(s).

What are the advantages of Expressive-Creative Art(s) therapies?

  • Integrate the left & right hemispheres of the brain through intentional gross and micro-body movement(s).
  • Aid sensory and nervous system regulation to foster relational safety and social engagement.
  • Boost self-esteem through anchoring on our life force of imagination, creativity and spontenity.
  • Consolidate implicit memory and tacit emotions in the body through present moment experiencing and embodied expression in the [‘here & now].
  • Alleviate PTSD symptoms, anxiety, chronic pain, depressed mood, hypervigilance and emotional dysregulation using our 5 senses, movement, felt sense perception and creative /somatic experimentation(s).

If you are curious to sense how therapeutic space can be tailored to your needs, ask!

Art that arises out of the inner landscape, and is connected to our lived experience, illuminates the darkness and heals the soul.